Keep an eye on...

  • Elderly Family

    Why fret over how your elderly loved ones are doing? Look in on them whenever you need, no matter how far away you are. You can even set the camera to send you regular snapshots if you need so you'll always know if they're safe or otherwise.

  • Your Baby

    Why buy a baby monitor that you can only view while you're at home? With UCam247 you'll be able to view your pride and joy in a just a couple of taps on your iPhone, iPad or Android device from work or anywhere.

  • Your Home or Business

    Whether you've just popped out or are sunning yourself on a far flung island you can check on your home or workplace whenever you want, day or night. What's more, every camera can be set to automatically send you recordings and alerts if something happens and even record to an on-board micro SD card so you can play back any events at a later date.

  • Your Pet

    Get peace of mind knowing just how your dog or other pet is doing whenever you need from your iPhone or Android smartphone, while you're at work or wherever you are.