UCam247 wireless IP cameras offer multiple ways to capture, store and view images and video whenever the camera detects motion, continuously or even periodically.

Two of the most useful methods are both 'Cloud' enabled - which means you can playback events from anywhere, anytime. Best of all you can take advantage of either or both methods at the same time!

First of all, there's our built-in DVR. Simply slide a micro SD card into the camera's DVR slot and set it to record. Job done.

This turns your camera into an all-in-one home CCTV system with no extra recording hardware or software to buy, quickly and easily. Whenever something happens you'll get instant alerts sent to your mobile and you can then playback stored clips direct from our Free app – no matter where you are in the world!

A 64GB card, for example, could record for weeks and weeks!*

*Based on a typical number of recordings triggered by motion detection on standard resolution and average frame rate.

Then there's...

CAMMY** is a Free cloud based recording service.

Set your UCam247 cameras to upload to your account on CAMMY and you'll be able to store unlimited number of recordings from your cameras which you can then shuffle, search and playback remotely using CAMMY's Free iOS and Android app. Oh, did we say it was Free? Give it a go, we're sure you'll love it!

**Cammy is a third party service and has no relationship to UCam247 or Defuturo Ltd