The trouble with other types of IP cameras that offer an on-board DVR is that you can't actually playback these recordings remotely.

Which means if you wanted to quickly look back at important pre-recorded events when you're away from home you can't.

Enter the private cloud DVR with Remote Replay...

Our Free mobile/tablet app will enable you to playback clips stored on any UCam247 wireless camera's video recorder, on-demand from anywhere, anytime. At last you have the convenience to check in on your place both Live and the recent past, for added peace of mind.

Simply slide a micro SD card into the camera's DVR slot and set it to record. That's it.

This turns your camera into an all-in-one home CCTV system with no extra recording hardware or software to buy, quickly and easily. Without the compromise of delayed recordings, cost, limited disk space or privacy issues associated with online cloud services.

Use a 64GB card, for example, and have it record for weeks and weeks and weeks!*

* Based on average number of recordings generated by motion detection.