UCam247 wireless security cameras offer multiple ways to capture, store and view images and video whenever the camera detects motion, continuously or even periodically.

Two of the most useful methods are both 'Cloud' enabled - which means you can replay recorded events on-the-fly over mobile, tablet or computer.

First, there's the DVR built into every camera. Simply slide a micro SD card into the camera's DVR slot and set it to record. Job done.

This turns your camera into an all-in-one home CCTV system with no extra recording hardware or software to buy, quickly and easily. Whenever something happens you'll get instant alerts sent to your mobile and you can then playback stored clips direct from our Free app – no matter where you are in the world!

A 128GB card, for example, can store weeks and weeks of video.*

*Based on a typical number of recordings triggered by motion detection on standard resolution and average frame rate.

Or, for even better peace of mind, there's our unique Micro Cloud NVR. Exclusive to our wireless cameras.

Giving you an online enabled CCTV recording system in a matchbox sized case. Smart enough to work over WiFi and small enough to be hidden in your home.

Set to automatically record motion triggered or even continuous full HD video**, with audio, from your cameras.

**Subject to you possessing a full HD camera. Otherwise maximum resolution of clips will be whatever is set on your camera.

Setup is a breeze and unlike other systems there's no hard drive to install. Simply insert a micro SD card of your choice up to 128GB and you're good to go.

The one-of-a-kind Micro Cloud NVR gives you all the benefits of online 'cloud' services, and then some:

No uploading online to some 3rd party company's servers.

No bandwidth hogging of your Internet connection.

No fees ever!

What's more, now you don't need to buy an SD card for each of your cameras - you only need the one for the NVR. Saving you money there too.

Compare and contrast...

UCam247 Cloud NVR Online Cloud Recording Services
Storage capacity Up to 128GB* Usually limited by storage space and/or recording duration
Subscription fees No, never! Yes, beyond whatever free allowances they offer
Personal Privacy Yes No, Involves opening accounts and providing personal information
Video Privacy Yes No, as video of your property is stored on 3rd party servers
Uses your internet No** Yes, can slow your broadband and uses your data allowance
HD video recording with audio Yes No, invariably. Most only record images or short clips
Record on-the-fly Yes No, as each clip has to finish uploading before the next one can record
Record even if broadband down Yes No
Record continuously Yes No, invariably
Record from multiple cameras Yes Not usually unless you pay for extra services and/or storage space

* A 128GB micro SD card will typically hold many weeks (if not months) of motion triggered recordings

** Unlike online recording services the NVR doesn't use your Internet bandwidth when recording. Your bandwidth is only used when you playback clips remotely. Save on ISP excess bandwidth charges.